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Contents and requirements of maintenance records for video surveillance system

source:FengShunKe technology sentiment: TIME:2016-08-29 06:33

(a) the contents and requirements of maintenance records

(1) the time. Time mainly includes: maintenance staff received user notification of repair time, repair personnel arrived at the scene began distributing the maintenance time, maintenance task time, were recorded at this time, and long-term accumulation, can reflect the maintenance team's quick response time and remove the faults.

(2) maintenance site. Maintenance site, including the site of the fault, maintenance units and professional maintenance unit. Thus, maintenance can be divided into three kinds of situations, one is the system fault site maintenance, two is the equipment back to the maintenance unit maintenance, three is sent to the professional repair unit maintenance. Distribution of the three different types of repair can be seen in the maintenance of equipment damage and maintenance of the degree of difficulty.

(3) fault occurrence is the climatic and environmental factors. When a fault occurs in the climatic and environmental factors is pointing to the user query failure occurs if there is heavy rain and windy; whether there is lightning phenomenon, cable routing wire whether or construction heavy machinery, rolling; front-end equipment installation position is the impact of heavy machinery, objective factors.

(4) fault phenomena. Failure phenomenon is to point to the user to ask the phenomenon of failure, such as to see a part of smoking, a part of a special sound and so on, which will help maintenance personnel to judge and analyze.

(5) the location and causes of failure. In maintenance records, the specific location of the fault and the cause of the failure should also be clarified.

(6) the specific measures to eliminate the trouble. Find out the fault point and write down the specific methods and measures to solve the problem.

(7) the cost of trouble shooting. Calculation troubleshooting costs, maintenance engineering actual costs incurred, a fee for the use of such as maintenance personnel's labor costs, instrumentation, mechanical royalties, replacement of equipment and parts purchase costs and transportation costs and the cost is directly related to the maintenance.

(8) the signature of the responsible person, the color of the responsible person of the user is signed and sealed by the user unit.

(9) the maintenance records shall be in two copies, one copy of which is to be submitted by the user, and the other is to be returned by the maintenance personnel to the maintenance unit for the maintenance of the project. The product maintenance records are divided into three forms: customer fill, distributor and factory, see Table 1, table 2, table 3, and the three maintenance forms for a company.

Update maintenance manual. Each layer of the system should have a complete record of maintenance, including inspection and maintenance of all records of the process, and the maintenance manual to supplement and update.

(two) the maintenance of maintenance records

The maintenance record is the concrete embodiment of the maintenance work. Properly maintain the maintenance manual, make clear the records of maintenance, set a variety of maintenance records of the retention period and keep the requirements.

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