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Maintenance methods of common faults in video surveillance system: resistance measurement method

source:FengShunKe technology sentiment: TIME:2016-08-29 06:33

The resistance measurement method can be used for the detection of line or equipment. Resistance measurement method is by multimeter ohm range detection component quality, line fault as well as the size of the resistance, in order to determine the cause of the malfunction.

If the measuring point is selected at the A end of the tested cable (that is, the measurement of the resistance of the A end of the meter), the B end core of the tested cable is needed to be short connected with the outer shielding layer. When is short circuit, measuring the resistance between the two ends of the cable value is very small, if short distance to measure the position and distance is very near, the measured resistance value is essentially zero; resistance value is higher, surface short distance measuring points farther and farther.

Channel resistance measurement can be used as a switch, connector, circuit breaker to check, and checking the quality of the components. The socket connector check, convenient and reliable. Resistance check method is strictly prohibited in the use of power, so as to avoid damage to the table.

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