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The Internet of things in Henan province has more than 300 enterprises, of which more than and 30 companies billions of dollars in value

source:未知 sentiment: TIME:2016-08-29 06:28

August 8, China (Zhengzhou) the second session of the logistics industry summit, the national development and Reform Commission, director of the Institute of comprehensive transportation Wang Ming said, export-oriented economy since the logistics efficiency and mode determines only in coastal, and the next round of domestic market of logistics center is in the Midwest, where the logistics cost is the lowest, the logistics efficiency is the highest.

So how to reduce the cost of "fish", increasing the efficiency of the "bear's paw" eat it, Henan's logistics industry go a piece of wisdom, is promoting the Chinese wisdom Logistics Industrial Park, including wisdom network warehouse, bonded warehouse and urban Zhi Huiji more, automatic dialing technology by Tsinghua University Logistics, to data logistics, logistics finance service as its core business, will achieve domestic European goods warehouse and distribution, build become European goods China call center.

More intelligent things are also multi industry force. "Only one tube of a tube is inserted into the soil, which can accurately measure the volume of the soil." China EPRI 27 R & D DZN2 automatic soil moisture content observation instrument, let automatic irrigation, the fine agricultural tillage in 12 provinces quickly realize. Zhengzhou Networking Industry Technology Innovation Research Institute has also developed a smart control platform for Agricultural Internet of things.


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