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Heterogeneous computing system at home and abroad has become a hot spot of research and development of high-performance computing

source:未知 sentiment: TIME:2016-08-29 06:27

Science and technology daily, Beijing, August 22 (correspondent Wang Tao reporter Wang Yanbin) heterogeneous computing system has become a hot research and development at home and abroad. Under the situation of Intel and other international giants such as the monopoly of the traditional CPU market, heterogeneous computing will be the chance of domestic core? How does China run in this field, and even lead? 22, to embrace the CPU+ era as the theme, 2016 global heterogeneous computing HSA summit opened in Beijing. This is the first time China hosted the next generation processor global summit.

Computer central processing CPU can handle all orders but the computing power is limited, GPU can only handle some orders, but the high computing power. CPU, GPU joint, each processing good part, it is heterogeneous computing. "CPU+GPU" can bring the same scale of pure CPU to provide the number of floating point scientific computing capabilities. For example, China's Milky way one A, it used more than 14000 CPU, supplemented by 7168 M2050 GPU Tesla, the total computing power of 2.5PFLOPS, becoming the world's most powerful supercomputer.

HSA (heterogeneous computing system architecture), President of the association of Dr John, called glossner, said at the meeting, compared with the traditional CPU, CPU, or the main properties of the next generation heterogeneous multi-core processors to achieve the improved several times or even ten times, making all kinds of electronic information products more intelligent, longer battery life. More importantly, the "CPU+" can significantly reduce the development time of the downstream machine manufacturers, cut development costs, therefore, its application prospects are very broad.

National Information Technology Expert Commission deputy director Zhou Hongren believes that China now has become a "CPU" innovation highland conditions, such as following the Milky way 2 ", the national super computer" Shenwei Taihu Lake, again at the summit the world TOP500, become the world speed the fastest computer. He believes that in the field of heterogeneous computing, China and the international advanced level gap is small, and even in some areas is still in the lead. However, on the whole, China still needs to work hard to achieve with the run, and run and even lead the preparation. It is understood, national business of research and development of Chinese core general processor technology company in the conference released 64 bit high performance processor is the core of China's first "CPU" products, in a number of key indicators reached the level of industry-leading.

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