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BBS "2016 China (shenzhen) traffic safety will be in June 2016

source:中安网 sentiment: TIME:2016-08-29 06:27

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, June 21, general office of the State Council recently forwarded the national development and Reform Commission "to create a good market environment to promote the transport and logistics integration and development plan" (hereinafter referred to as "program"), deployment to promote the transportation logistics integration development, enhance the efficiency of logistics and transportation efficiency, effectively reduce the overall cost of social logistics.

"Plan" pointed out that to quality improvement, cost reduction, efficiency oriented, by the fusion of linkage as the core, and give full play the main role in the enterprise market, grasp the key link, strengthen the precise convergence, institutional reform, innovation management mode, strengthen application of modern information technology, transport and logistics integration, containerization and network, socialization and the development of intelligent, construction of transport and logistics integration of the development of the new system. By 2018, the initial formation of the open sharing of transportation logistics system, the total social logistics costs accounted for GDP ratio compared with 2015 reduced by more than 1 percentage point; by 2020, built facilities of various cohesion, information interoperability, market fair and orderly, safe operation and efficient transport and logistics development of new system, the total social logistics costs accounted for GDP ratio compared with 2015 2 percentage points lower.

"Program" requirements, efforts to open up the whole chain, to build a large platform to create a new model to accelerate the integration of transportation, logistics and Internet three. One is to get through the integration of the whole chain of transport logistics system. Perfect hub for collecting and distributing system, optimization of transport hub and logistics node space layout, build a smooth and convenient key logistics channel. Focus on promoting multimodal transport, expanding international transport services. Implementation of the logistics of a single system, the realization of the goods, one station checked, a fee, a certification, a single in the end, to strengthen the integration of service protection. Two is to build a resource sharing platform for transportation and logistics. Accelerate the construction of specialized operating platform, and promote cross-border transportation logistics and trade platform integration convergence. Build information sharing service platform, to achieve data cooperation, exchange and sharing. To strengthen the platform for all kinds of credit record collection, classification regulation in accordance with the implementation of the credit evaluation. Three is to create a new model of collaborative linkage of traffic logistics. To build the online and offline linkage highway port network, improve the construction and optimization of highway construction and optimization of the layout, strengthen the comprehensive service functions. Increase the transportation equipment container and standardization promotion efforts, strengthen technical standards support. The development of "Internet plus urban and rural distribution, promote the" Internet plus supply chain management "," strengthen networking + full supervision".

"Program" stressed the need to improve the institutional mechanisms, to strengthen policy support, to build a good market environment for the integration and development. First, to optimize the market environment, to further improve the market access system related areas, research and improve the management system of the car carrier, increase the intensity of the highway overloading. Two to co-ordinate the planning and construction, to develop and improve the national and regional comprehensive transportation hub planning, strengthen the convergence of special planning and transportation. Three to innovative institutional mechanisms, pushed into the state-owned transport enterprises of mixed ownership reform, the railway transport enterprise to promote the positive transformation to modern logistics enterprises, port management authorities to establish a joint inspection mechanism and promote the integration of customs clearance. Four to increase policy support, increase transportation logistics public facilities land support, to increase fiscal funds, special construction funds and credit of delivery, support enterprises through the issuance of bonds and stocks listed on the multi-channel financing.

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